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MVM Clubs were inaugurated on April 21st 2012 and they are successfully functioning in our School on all working Saturdays. Through this we impart training in Literary, Art and Craft, Quiz, Science & Technology ,Media, Entrepreneurship ,Fashion Designing and Awareness. The Clubs are conducted by well qualified Resource Persons. The Objective of the Club Activity is to boost self confidence of students and to make them face various challenges in life.


The programme has sought to develop and improve entrepreneurial skills and behavioural adjustment needed to go through the stresses of initial stages . It promotes to identify and train potential entrepreneurs, also to help in analysing the various options to select the most appropriate product, suiting to the entrepreneur and the market. To give a clear picture about the process and procedures involved in setting up a small scale Industrial unit or a bigger unit. Mr. Ravi M.B.A is working in T.C.S also a clinical psychologist and has rich experience in Training Field .Mr.Dilli Babu, CEO from Win or Win consulting…and his team are the resource persons for Entrepreneurship Club.


This club is for students who have interests in the fields of design, apparel, textiles, and clothing construction. Individual projects using design principles are used as vehicles to further develop the students’ skills. The most important objective is to successfully produce imaginative and creative designers, who can establish themselves as trendsetters in the industry. The Resource Persons Ms.Sudha ,Ms.Anuradha Gokula Krishnan are Professional Fashion Designers. They are all well experienced in the Industry. They serve as part time Faculty in various Fashion Institutions and have their own Boutique.


The Objective of club is to motivate the students on how to be interactive and informative in conducting Quiz and various techniques and to kindle their ideas and mind to know more. Mr. Sekar working as a Senior Professor in “Maritime University” is a resource person. He is passionate in Quizing. He has a team of four experienced people Mr.Ilango , Mr. Babu working in Chennai Port Trust and Dr. Sree latha , Dr. Valarmathi Professors from Bharathi Arts CollegeY ,to conduct sessions in Quiz Club.


The Objective of this club is to help students to promote skills in written English, including the abilities to organize and present material in an appropriate manner ,also to formulate and defend original arguments while developing them logically and effectively in the language of their discipline. Students will develop an awareness on the multifold nature of textual analysis. Ms.SaravanaKumari Freelancer and her team, Mr. Arokianathan, Ms. Bakyalakshmi, MS. Kalyani, Ms.Rohini and Ms. Usha Ramani conducted sessions in M.V.M. literary club.


The Objective of this club is to help each member, develop a sense of responsibility and a more cooperative attitude through Group participation; to help each member learn to interpret and analyze the issue of Science and Mathematics; to help each member learn to think critically; to encourage research in science and mathematic and present seminars; and to have members, meet famous/outstanding personalities in the fields of Science and Mathematics. Mr. Shanmugam pursuing Ph.d in the field of Chemistry is a vibrant resource person.


The Objective of this club is to motivate students to promote ideas in expressing their thoughts in a attractive manner using media. Various techniques and Procedures used in Cinema to shoot clippings are discussed in detail. Resource person Dr. Kamala Kannan (specialization in film studies) is an assistant professor in ‘Presidency College’.


The only purpose of engaging in such activities should be to unite a group of individuals who all need each other’s assistance in order to achieve their individual goals, as well as the group's common goals. The Resource people Mr.Venkat, Mr.Muthu, Mr.Cabrial from Win or Win Consulting… are Personality Development & Soft skill Trainers. They are training students in various awareness & entrepreneurship skill.


The objective of art and craft has an important position in developing general cultural education. Developing imagination, creativity, motor skills and aptitude – from the simple to the more sophisticated – are important dimensions , thus giving each individual the opportunity to experience the joy of creating . The Resource Persons Ms.Sudha and Ms. P.v.Lakshmi are from “The Camlin Company”. They are the tutors of the Art and Craft club. Mr. Rajendran and Ms. Chanda are from Design school of Arts.


With the purpose of inculcating moral values into the minds of young children, “Integrity club” has been inaugurated in our School on 12.01.2012. Students from classes VI – IX are taken for this (54 Members). Mrs. Chitra Ganesh M.Sc. B.Ed., who is a member of Global Organisation for Divinity – India, had consented to be the chief guest on that day. She interacted with the members of the club and insisted upon the importance of developing values from the young age.


On 29.11.2011, an elegant exhibition on “Mathematicians and their Contributions” was inaugurated by our Senior Principal, Shri. S. Namasivayam in our School Premises. The exhibition was conducted by the Mathematics club of the School, as a part of the club activities for class XI and XII. The portraits of as many as 35 Mathematicians including Srinivasa Ramanujan, Pythagoras, Euler, Isaac Newton, Fermat and their contributions were displayed. The exhibition provided a great motivation to the students to pursue the subject with greater vigor and enthusiasm.


40 DNA club members of class X & XI along with DNA Club representatives were taken to Central Cattle Breeding Farm, Alamadi (Near Redhills) on 21st October 2011. Students were explained about Cattle’s life style, their requirement diseases affecting them, different Cattle breeds etc. Students were also enlightened about artificial fertilization and vaccination schedules for the cattle.

The session which lasted for about half an hour was informative and interesting. Then the students were taken to the field where the fodder for the cattle was grown. Students also came to know about different varieties of grasses that give vital nutrients to the cattle. They were also briefed about Vermicomposting and Azolla - a type of fodder.


Inaugural function for the Consumer Club was held 20th August, 2011. An oratorical competition was conducted on the topic “ is the Consumer really a king today?” there were two groups of speakers. The first group consisted of speakers from class IX and X. The second group consisted of speakers from XI and XII. Mr. K. Murugan, Advocate, Madras High Court was the chief guest. The prize in each group were given away by the chief guest at the end.


Maharishi Vidya Mandir witnessed the Science club Inauguration on 18th August, 2011. The esteemed chief guest presiding over the function was S.R. Venkat, Co-director of MAX Academy of Excellence. The programme was organised by science teachers Mr. Suresh and Mrs. Maya.
The programme began with an invocation to the lord, followed by a welcome address and honouring of the chief guest by Mr. Santhana Krishnan. Girls of class XI performed scintillating dance theme of science. Akhil, Anuraag and Vrushab of class XI A1 elucidated upon Physics, Chemistry and Biology respectively. The chief guest then gave an excellent and inspirational speech to the gathering. Finally the programme ended with an enthralling activity and a vote of thanks.


Fine Arts Club Activity was conducted in our School on 3rd August, 2011. The club started with a prayer song by IX Std Students. The chief guest for the session was Mr. Trichy Murali. The welcome address was delivered by our student president of Fine Arts Club. The programme began with a group song by our middle school students. This was followed by the chief guest performance who gave a demo with some sets of “THANI AVARTHANAM ” and the Vocal support was given by our Music teacher Mrs. Srimathi Subulakshmi during the session. Senior Principal Mr. S. Namasivayam was present. Next, the Chief Guest gave his views on Fine Arts Club and he appreciated our school for organizing such club activities. This way Fine Arts Club activity was celebrated in a grand and successful manner and it made an impact on everyone’s heart.


The inaugural function of the Karuna Club was held on 30th July, 2011. This function was presided over by Mr. Adiseshan, President of Sri Baba Animal Welfare Shelters, Thirunindravur, 602024. Karuna Club Students from classes VI to IX took part in the Animal skits, dance and story based on Thirukkural to promote compassion and kindness.


Commemoration of 150th Birth Anniversary of GuruDev Rabinadranath Tagore Clelebration – Social Science Club on 16th July, 2001 to 30th July, 2011 and 8th August, 2011 at MVM Campus. To Commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Guru Rabinadranth Tagore, Maharishi Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School witnessed a historic two week Birth Celebration of India’s National poet and Nobel laureate of Asia. The Students paid homage for his selfless service for the nation.


Std IX Students participated in a debate competition which was held in MVM Campus on 2nd July 2011. 18 contestants took part in the debate of which, two winners were chosen by the judges.
Std IX Students enthusiastically participated in an Essay Writing Competition in their respective classes. The best essays were selected by H.O.D. of the English department

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